Twitch: who to follow

Have you heard of the fast-rising live-streaming platform? YouTube? No, not that.

Twitch is the talk of the town—even among celebrities. For gamers, Twitch is the largest streaming service in the world. The platform features over 15 million daily viewers and 140 million monthly visitors. And unlike conventional streaming services like Netflix, Twitch offers its viewers a vast option at entertainment. Her primary service is video games live-streaming. Yet, Twitch delivers other interesting real life and music broadcasts.

The best part yet is that Twitch followership is free! There is one but though. You would only enjoy Twitch as a global hive of entertainment when you follow the right twitchers. Luckily, we know just the best twitchers to follow in 2020. Check them out below.

Top 5 Twitchers to Follow in 2020

Are you good to go? Let us dive in to see the top twitch streamers you should collaborate with or follow.


Ninja is our first pick boasting over 13 million followers. He spends an average of 60 hours on Twitch every week. As such, Ninja is the most-watched streamer—that explains his large followership. He also partners with other popular brands such as NZXT and Revelation to delight his followers.

If you favour the Fortnite game, you would love Ninja. Nonetheless, he also streams other videos games such as Realm Royale.


Like Ninja, Shroud also spends 60 hours on Twitch weekly. He streams Realm Royale, Fortnite, and Lord of the rings. However, he majors in Call of Duty, COD.

For that reason, Shroud often streams his COD Black Ops 4 performances. And at over 6.45 million followers, he is the second most-followed streamer on Twitch. If you are a COD fan, you will enjoy Shroud videos. And while you are streaming his videos, get yourself a Shroud Insane Cappuccino (a Madrinas coffee named after Shroud) to live the thrills.


Tfue is another exciting Fortnite twitcher. He has the second-most-watched Fortnite channel after Ninja.

Following Ninja and Shroud, Tfue offers over 6.21 million followers a 70-hour weekly Twitch-time. That means more time to enjoy your off day. And while you are at it, get comfy with a product of Maxnomic (Tfue’s partner): chairs for gamers.


Summit1g is another COD Black Ops 4 major. So much so, he ranks third for the most-watched COD channel on Twitch.

Nevertheless, he also streams the videos of other popular games such as CounterStrike, Fortnite, and Rings of Elysium.

And like Tfue, Summit1g spends a maximum of 70 hours on Twitch every week to entertain his 3.86 million followers.

Riot games

Unlike the former twitchers, Riot games do not stream videos of the popular Fortnite and COD. Instead, he dedicated his channel to streaming his game performances of the League of Legends, LOL.

And with 3.7 million followers, Riot games is the most-watched League of Legends channel. Also, he is the second most-watched channel after Ninja on Twitch. A little tip for you! Look out for Riot games on weekends. He spends up to 22 hours streaming his performances at various LOL tournaments.

Now, you know which streamer to follow, what next? Follow a twitcher! Let us guide you on how to follow any channel on Twitch.

Following your Favorite Twitcher in 3 simple steps

  • Visit

On getting to the landing page of Twitch, you would see numerous streamers and their respective games. Click on the game that interest you.

  • Survey the Contents of Your Streamer

After checking the game of your choice, check out the streamer. Ideally, a 20-30mins survey of his/her videos will do. The chances are that you might not like the contents on a channel. When that happens, check other twitchers.

  • Single-Click on the Followership Button

When you find a streamer that you connect with, the next step is to follow him/her. Fortunately, following any channel on Twitch is free. So, how do you follow a twitcher?

Look out for a purple box above the channel stream. Then, single-click on the purple box! Voila! You will now receive notifications when your favourite twitcher posts a video or goes live.

FAQs about Twitch

Is Twitch completely free?

Following a channel on Twitch is free. However, there are charges for subscribing to Twitch channels. Why? The money generated from channel subscriptions pays streamers for their services.

Is Twitch harmful to electronic gadgets?

You need not worry about malware or viruses with Twitch. The platform is safe.

What does F or X mean in Twitch?

Modeled after COD 2014, Twitchers type F or X to pay their respects to each other playfully.

What words can you utter on Twitch?

You can say virtually anything on Twitch as much it is not a violent speech (about gender, race, ethnicity, and religion).